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Decorative Electrical Outlet Covers

New interior paint, accent wall or a kitchen/bath remodel could make the color of the existing outlets outdated or clash. Outlet-Cover’s selection of color covers make it easy to update your outlet color without replacing the receptacle.

Easily Replace Your Electrical Outlet Covers

Outlet-Cover’s convenient color cover designs make updating your color simple. Replacement only takes an average of 30 seconds even for multi-gang solutions that don’t require an electrician.

Our outlet color covers solve a variety of problems, including:

– Color change
– Paint mishaps
– Scrapes and chips

Simple Installation

The installation of our electrical outlet covers involves a few simple steps. Simply turn that power off at the circuit breaker, or remove the fuse prior to installation. Then remove the wall plate and place the Outlet-Cover over the electrical receptacle. You can then reinstall the wall plate remembering to turn the power back on once completed.

Choose from Several Options for Colored Outlet Covers

Outlet-Cover outlet Color Covers are available in several color options to help you match the rest of your home’s decor. These color choices include:

– White
– Brown
– Gray
– Black
– Almond

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