When you need to replace your outlet cover, there are two ways you can do it. Hire a professional to do it for you or go down the ”do it yourself” lane. If you have a lot of free time on your hands than DIY solutions are a good option. On the other hand, professionals will get the job done quickly and easily. All you have to do is select what you like. The choice is yours.

The only thing that you need in both cases is a bit of imagination and a strong desire to make your place look great. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a minimalistic solution for your business space, or you may want to make your home just a little cozier. Having a good idea in mind is a great way to start.

Outlets can sometimes be dangerous. Replacing them from time to time might save some trouble in the long run. Outdoor outlets often have covers to protect them from the natural elements like rain and snow. Water can cause a huge damage to your home or office. The good thing is that it’s easy to replace them. One outlet cover only takes about ten minutes to replace. You can fix several in an hour or so.

The Tools

The tools needed for replacement are canned air, a multiple bits screwdriver, and pliers. You’ll see how simple it is on your first try. A good professional will tell you never to play with electricity unless you are 100 percent sure what you are doing. Make sure you’ve got the process down before you start. Ask yourself, do you trust your skills and tools? Do you know how to properly apply that knowledge? If you’re comfortable with this, then continue. Otherwise, consult a professional.

When to Get Professional Help

It’s generally a good idea to know how outlet covers function. If you only need to replace one or two or add special covers, you can do that yourself. It’s best to leave it to a professional when the outlet is hanging loose, the wiring is exposed, or the outlet isn’t working. Fixing outlets and replacing wiring requires strict safety guidelines.It’s better to leave it to someone who knows how to handle situations like these. If your problem is just an outlet cover replacement, you can do that on your own.

The Necessary Steps

If it’s only an outlet cover that needs replacement, the first step is finding the cover that suits your outlet orientation. You’ll need to know if you need a vertical or horizontal cover as well as the outlet number. Usually, an outlet number is two but there can be up to three or four.

Now, the most important step before you continue is to switch off the power to the outlet in question. After you turn the power off at the breaker panel, take a screwdriver and remove the one screw. These screws can become damaged over time. You may need to use pliers to remove the screw. Once you remove the cover, use canned air to remove any debris or dust around the outlet.

Installing the outlet cover

To install a new outlet cover, place it over the outlet and make sure that it fits the outlet perfectly. It needs to cover the entire insulating layer while still making both individual outlet plugs accessible. Check the alignment to make sure it’s perfect. Sometimes, this can be tricky because the new cover isn’t in total alignment with the old outlet which makes putting the screw back in a bit difficult. The best thing to do is to put the screw through the cover whole before you align it with the outlet.

That way, it’s easier to align everything back in place. After you manage all this, make sure that everything is aligned as it supposed to be to avoid any damage when you start using the outlet again. You shouldn’t be able to see the insulating layer. If you don’t see it, that means that the job is done right. Now, turn the power on and enjoy a job well done.

Once again, do this only if you are familiar with how electricity works. Problems can lead to serious injuries or, worse, death. Even though this topic might seem simple and straightforward to some, approach it with caution.